Top 5 Dirt Bike Maintenance TipsPosted by Amsoil, 30th October 2017

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Love it or hate it, motorbike maintenance is a vital part of owning and riding a dirt bike. If you ignore dirt bike maintenance, you will quickly see your list of ‘small issues’ growing until they stop your bike completely. So, we at Amsoil have compiled a list of 5 essential maintenance tips which will keep your bike running smoothly.

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Figure out how to clean a dirt bike

Ahh yes, probably the most tedious part of riding a dirt bike. The last thing you want to do after a long off-road bike ride is break out the elbow grease and scrape off all the mud and grime. Unfortunately, this is perhaps the most important dirt bike maintenance tip. Leaving wet mud and grit on your motorbike overnight will increase wear on all the dirt bike parts, meaning that those nasty service bills will crop up more often. If you find a way to clean your dirt bike after every ride, you will find it’s a lot easier to spot any issues, as you’re getting up close and personal. This should allow you to fix any problems with your dirt bike before it goes bang on the trail. It’s up to you whether you want to go all out with dirt bike maintenance or just tick the essential boxes, but at the very least get the bike sprayed and washed down with soap.

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Clean your dirt bike’s air filter

Much like us, your dirt bike needs to breathe when you are out on the trail. With a dirty and blocked motorcycle air filter, you will experience a serious drop in performance, as the air is struggling to get into the combustion chamber. Think of it like running a race with a blocked nose… you’ll never be able to get the air you need to run fast. There are plenty of ways to clean a motorcycle air filter, you can use an air filter spray cleaner, or even soapy water if you so desire. Make sure that you lube it up with a high-quality air filter oil once it’s dry.

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Keep your dirt bike parts tight

Now, I learnt this lesson the hard way, fortunately on a MTB and not on a dirt bike, but the rule translates across both disciplines. My mistake was not checking the THRU Axle which resulted in the bike’s back wheel coming off mid trail. That mistake cost me a broken arm and a few bob to fix the motorbike, and it could have been easily avoided. Dirt bike parts take a lot of abuse so after every ride you should check a list of vitals; bike spokes, any sort of nut or bolt and cables should all be checked to see if there are any developing problems. When it comes to your dirt bike chain, the tension should be just right, not too tight and not too loose.

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Change your dirt bike oil

Happy wife happy life is what they say isn’t it? Well the same goes for dirt bikes. To keep your bike happy you should be feeding it good quality dirt bike oil with regularly. Dirt bike engines don’t get an easy life, they get ragged everywhere they go, which makes it extremely important to invest in a good dirt bike oil. Using AMSOIL Dirt Bike Oil will improve performance and efficiency, as well as extending oil drain intervals. AMSOIL has worked closely with professional riders to give consistent clutch feel, giving you more confidence when you ride.

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Dirt bike coolant

Another way to keep your dirt bike happy is by keeping your engine cool. With little space for fans, dirt bikes rely on getting up to speed to get the cooling they need. A good motorbike coolant will go a long way in reducing the engine temperature, allowing more room for performance. Dirt bikes use more coolant than traditional motorbike engines, so it’s important to stay on top of the levels to ensure no damage occurs due to overheating.

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